Disability Research Today: International Perspectives


Grouped around four central themes – illness and impairment, disabling processes, care and control, and communication and representations – this collection offers a fresh perspective on disability research, showing how theory and data can be brought together in new and exciting ways. Disability Research Today starts by showing how engaging with issues around illness and impairment is vital to a multidisciplinary understanding of disability as a social process. The second section explores factors that affect disabled people, such as homelessness, violence and unemployment. The third section turns to social care, and how disabled people are prevented from living with independence and dignity. Finally, the last section examines how different imagery and technology impacts our understandings of disability and deafness. Showcasing empirical work from a range of countries, including Japan, Norway, Italy, Australia, India, the UK, Turkey, Finland and Iceland, this collection shows how disability studies can be simultaneously sophisticated, accessible and policy-relevant. Disability Research Today is suitable for students and researchers in disability studies, sociology, social policy, social work, nursing and health studies. (Fra bogens bagside).

1. Introduction Tom Shakespeare Part 1: Illness and Impairment 2. Social Experiences of Physical Rehabilitation: The Role of the Family Dikmen Bezmez and Sibel Yardımcı 3. Learning from Tojisha Kenkyu: Mental Health 'Patients' Studying Their Difficulties with Their Peers Kohji Ishihara 4. The Psycho-Social Impact of Impairment: The Case of Motor Neurone Disease Jo Ferrie and Nick Watson Part 2: Disabling Processes 5. Beyond the ICF: Italian Network Strategies for Job Placement of Persons with Disabilities Fabio Corbisiero 6. Sites of Oppression: Dominant Ideologies and Women with Disabilities in India Nandini Ghosh 7. How to Understand Violence Against Disabled People Halvor Hanisch 8. 'The Invisibles': Conceptualising the Intersectional Relationships Between Dyslexia, Social Exclusion and Homelessness Stephen Macdonald Part 3: Care and Control 9. Spaces of indifference: bureaucratic governance and disability rights in Iceland James Rice, Eirikur Smith and Kristin Björnsdóttir 10. Mental Capacity and the Control of Sexuality of People with Intellectual Disabilites in England and Wales Lucy Series 11. 'My Sister Won't Let Me': Issues of Control Over One's Own Life as Experienced by Older Women with Intellectual Disabilities Iva Strnadová Part 4: Communication and Representation 12. Social Representations and Inclusive Practices for Disabled Students in Italian Higher Education: A Mixed-method Analysis of Multiple Perspectives Fabio Ferrucci and Michela Cortini 13. The Problem of the Supercrip: Representation and Misrepresentation of Disability Jan Grue 14. User, Client or Consumer? Construction of Roles in Video Interpreting Services Hilde Haualand 15. Reading Other Minds: Ethical Considerations on the Representation of Intellectual Disability in Fiction Howard Sklar

Forfatter: Thomas Shakespeare (red.)
Forlag: Routledge
Udgivelsesår: 2015

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