Nordic Conference 2019 in Adapted Physical Activity


CO-CREATION                        INNOVATION               MOVEMENT

          Together we generate           new ideas and ways     to facilitate movement


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Program Nordic Conference. Open as a pdf-file. (07-03.2019)

The Nordic Conference 2019 is a meeting place for professionals, scientists, students, athletes and volunteers from all Nordic countries dealing with Adapted Physical Activities.

As a participant you will get the option to share and experience good practice, research, and work in progress in all areas of APA. You will meet various forms of presentations and workshops, and we invite you to take actively part in discussions and activities.

Keywords for the conference are co-creation, innovation and movement.

Co-creation is generating goals and ideas in communities of people with various prerequisites. In co-creation we are disturbed in our own logic opening up for innovation.                            

Movement has a variety of dimensions, e.g. to move physically, to be moved emotionally, to develop throughout life and to move societies towards change.

We welcome you to participate in a 3-days conference in one of the most enchanting places in Denmark perfect for reflection, contemplation, socializing and networking.

The conference is organized by The Danish Disability Sport Information Centre.

The conference language will be English.